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Oase BiOrb Maintenance Timer Device

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Key Features

  • Portable, can be placed anywhere around the BiOrb or home
  • LED light system will indicate when it is time to feed
  • Can also be set to remind when the filter needs changing
  • Simple to use
  • Can be used on any BiOrb Aquarium
  • Soft Touch design


Oase BiOrb Maintenance Timer is a unique way of ensuring vital tasks are performed on your BiOrb.

The timer is a simple device that reminds of vital tasks. The device has 3 symbols on the front, with LEDs that light up to remind you of each task.

1) When to feed the fish. - simply hold the feed button at the desired time on Day 1, the timer will then remember the time and flash at that time each day

2) Carry out water change to keep your BiOrb fresh

3) When to change the filter cartridge.

The LED will gently flash to catch your attention and remind you what task is needed to be performed. This is handy especially for young children who want to learn how to take care of fish.

The Timer is flexible and reminders can be set when you want, simply choose the program for what size BiOrb you have and adjust the settings to suit your needs. This eliminates the need to remind yourself when it is time to change the filter or the water, the Timer automatically knows and will display the relevant LED light on the device.

An added bonus for the small timer is that its compact and portable form means it can be placed anywhere around the BiOrb, Living room, or even in your childs room where it can be easily seen.


17 x 5 x 12cm

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