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Oase BiOrb Water Level Guide and Feed Hole Plug

Sku: BOC104

Key Features

  • 3 in 1 Tool
  • Seals Feeding hole in BiOrb tank lids
  • Acts as an easy to use feeding spoon, directly depositing the food into the water
  • Indicates the correct water levels in the BiOrb range of tanks


The Oase BiOrb Water Level Guide and Feed Hole Plug is a handy device, with a multiple of jobs in one small item.

The plug has been designed to slit into the feed hole at the top of a BiOrb tank. It slides into place and the curved top acts as a seal and plugs the hole. This keeps the hole free from dust, dirt and water.

At the base of this small and easy to handle device, is a tiny spoon head design to be able to hole a small amount of food. This can then be placed safely and directly in the tank and prevents the food from sticking to the sides of the aquarium, blocking up the plug rim or going over the sides. The spoon simply lowers into the place and the water naturally takes the food away from the spoon.

The item also acts as a water level guide for all BiOrb tanks. The tail of the plug has been moulded with 2 distinctive levels on it. As these levels hit the water, they indicate how far to fill up the tank for various BiOrb tanks.

A handy device, a must for all BiOrb fans.


Plug: 71mm Long

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