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BiOrb Humidimist 4 Pack

Sku: BOC102

Key Features

  • Specially formulated for the BiOrb Air
  • Essential remineralised water to help develop a balanced humidity level in a terrarium
  • Allows terrariums to flourish with clean and healthy water
  • Has reduced minerals and electrolytes to prevent damage to plants
  • 4 x 500ml bottles - 3 bottles with cap lids and one with a spray top


Oase BiOrb HumidiMist is a specially formulated remineralised water with low conductivity and reduced minerals, designed specifically for the BiOrbAir Terrariums.

The BiOrbAir Terrarium features a built in microprocessor and humidity sensor which controls the humidity by activating the ultrasonic mister in the top reservoir as required. The water level in the reservoir is detected by a sensor on the ultrasonic mister, when this drops below minimum level a signal is sent to the microprocessor which activates the low water level indication. The sensor uses electrolytes in the water as a way to detect the water, which is why using the BiOrb HumidiMist is important when using the BiOrb Terrarium.

Normal tap water contains various chemicals that will accumulate in a closed system and the high dissolved solids will precipitate on the insides of the globe causing clouding and be impossible to remove.

BiOrb Humidimist is perfect for use in tropical based terrariums that need a balanced combination of lighting, moisture, air circulation and humidity in order for the plants to thrive.

HumidiMist has been developed to have a minimal amount of electrolytes to prevent damage to the terrarium or the plants inside. Simply place the liquid into the BiOrbAirs mister unit as required.


4 x 500ml bottles

3 bottles with cap lids and 1 with a spray top


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