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BiOrb Tube 30L Black Aquarium with Standard LED Lighting

Sku: BOA192BLK_0_W

Key Features

  • Made of Strong and Durable Resin Material
  • 360 Degree All Round View
  • Bright LED Lighting
  • 30 Litre Capacity
  • Complete with Biological Filter Unit
  • Air Pump and Air Stone Included
  • Ideal for Beginner Fish Keepers
  • Optional 105 Aquarium Stand with Black and White Inner Wraps
  • Optional 50W Heater Pack


The BiOrb Tube Aquarium is a complete all-in-one package that features everything you require to get setup quickly and easily.

The BiOrb Tube Aquarium Includes:

LED Lighting:
The BiOrb Tube Aquarium is lit up during the day and at night by a bright and long lasting LED Light unit. The LED Lighting unit is extremely energy efficient and can last up to 50,000 hours, and provides you with an elegant display to showcase your fish.

Air Pump:
The Air Pump with Air Stone provides your aquarium with plenty of aeration, helping to create an Oxygen rich environment for your beloved fish.

Water Treatment:
To help you get started, included in this aquarium setup is a 2 part water treatment which boosts useful bacteria, aiding in kick starting your aquariums ecosystem to create the perfect environment for your fish.

Filter Cartridge:
The Filtration Unit uses ceramic media (included) to provide biological filtration for your aquarium, making cleaning and general maintenance a lot easier. Simply replace the cartridge and replace a third of the water in the aquarium every four weeks and you are good to go.

A low voltage transformer with 2 din sockets for both the lighting unit and aquarium pump.

Instructions Manual:
An in-depth manual which will help you with every part of setting up and maintaining your aquarium.

Optional Add-ons:

105 Aquarium Stand:
An optional extra with your BiOrb Aquarium is a 105 stand which provides a safe, appealing and secure place to stand your BiOrb Aquarium. Requiring no assembly, the BiOrb 105 Stand features ultra strong and waterproof construction, along with being designed to hold up to 120kg whilst concealing cables neatly away out of site. The BiOrb 105 Aquarium Stand comes with 2 colour wraps, allowing you to change the colour of the inner section to either black or white. (see pictures for demonstration)

50W Heater Pack:
The optional Heater Pack contains a compact 50 Watt heater capable of heating the water to the required temperature. A heater stand is also supplied to enable you to attach the heater securely onto the curved shaped sides of your BiOrb tank.


Model Dimensions ( x Height) Volume
BiOrb Tube 30L   320mm x 513mm  30 Litres

Optional 105 Stand Dimensions:
47cm x 46cm (H x W)
Black or White Colour Inner Wraps Included

Optional Heater Pack:
50W Mains Voltage Heater
Heater Stand and Glass Thermometer Included

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