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Blagdon Electronic Blanketweed Controller

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Key Features

  • Multi Frequency Processor
  • Connects to the hose in your pond system
  • Breaks up the calcium in the water that encourages the blanketweed to grow
  • Low Running Costs
  • Flashing front located indicator
  • Can be wall or post mounted
  • 2 Year guarantee


The Blagdon Electronic Blanketweed Controller is a handy and easy to install solution to unsightly pond blanket weed.

Blanketweed is a fast growing algae that thrives in clear water ponds that are high in nutrients. As it grows it forms an unsightly green "blanket" over the pond surface that can block and damage pumps and filters. The growth of blanketweed depends on the correct form of calcium being available for it to form its cell structure in order to grow.

A Blanketweed Controller is designed to destabilise the chemical balance of the pond water, causing an increase in the metabolism in the algae cells. The cells are unable to maintain the increased growth rate. They then weaken and die off.

The Blagdon Electronic Blanketweed Controller is an easy to install device that connects to the hose pipe between your pump and UVC filter and emits a low frequency pulse that works on the water as it passes through the hose.

The front of the box has a simple indicator light that illuminates when the box is on. The box itself can be easily attached to a wall or post.


Dimensions: 155 x 130 x 65mm

Voltage: 220/240V

Wattage: 1.6w

Max Pond Size: 23000 Litres (5060 Gallons)

Cable: 3 Metres

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