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Bermuda 7 Watt Clarifier

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Key Features

  • Effective UV Clarifier
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • High Quality UVC for crystal clear water
  • Supplied with UV lamp
  • Clear hosetails to monitor operation safely


Bermuda Pond 7w Ultraviolet Clarifier, ideal for keeping your pond clear and healthy.

A normal fish pond can develop a build up of waste from the life inside and the weather around it. Green algae can build on the surface of the pond water and can become unsightly and makes it harder to see the fish below. Placing a UV Clarifier in your pond set up helps to keep the pond in an optimum set up for the health of your fish.

The UV emits an Ultra Violet ray that clumps algae together as the pond water passes by the UV tube inside the unit assisted by a pump (not supplied)


Model: 7 Watt Max
Pond Size: 2500 Litres (550 Gallons)
UV: 7 Watt PLS
Outlet: 19 - 40

Length: 30cm
Diameter: 11cm

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