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Bermuda Spare Quartz Tubes

Sku: BES300

Key Features

  • Geuine Bermuda Part
  • Quartzs to fit the 7 and 11 Watt Clarifiers (BER0128 and BER0129)
  • Part BER0820 fits the 4000 and 10000 Bio Filters
  • Part BER0820 also fits the 4500. 9500 and 12000 Bio Box Filters (BER0830, BER0831 and BER0834)


With a pond UV Unit, a glass tube sleeve surrounds the UV light to protect from the water that passes the UV light.

Over time these Quartz tubes can break or suffer small cracks and knicks.

Replacing them is easy and essential.

Bermuda offer a range of Quartz sleeves to fit their UV Clarifiers and Pond Filters.


Quartz Model No  To Fit 
BER0287 - 7 Watt Quartz 4000 UV Bio Filter (BER0248)
BER0820 - 7/9/11 Watt Quartz

7 Watt Clarifier (BER0128)

11Watt Clarifier (BER0129)

4500 UV Bio Box Filter (BER0830)

9500 UV Bio Box Filter (BER0831)

12000 UV Bio Box Filter (BER0834)

BER0819 - 11 Watt Quartz

10000 UV Bio Filter (BER0394)

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