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Bermuda Floating Pond Skimmers

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Key Features

  • Floats on surface
  • Powerful pump action
  • Helps to remove debris
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable Debris Basket


The Bermuda Floating Pond Skimmer is a powerful pump driven skimmer that can float on the water surface and draw debris into a collection basket, helping to clear your pond of unsightly leaves and waste.

Debris like leaves, pollen and other algae based waste can settle on the top of your pond and can stress the eco system as well as making it hard to see the pond life underneath. The skimmer sits on the surface of the water and helps to remove all these articles.

The skimmer pumps suck the unwanted debris from around your pond surface and deposit it in its own collection container in the centre of the skimmer. Simply remove the basket and deposit the waste safely and easy.


Skimmer 2500

Flow Rate: 2500 LPH (550 gals)

Power: 45 Watts

Skimmer 3500

Flow Rate: 3500 LPH (777 gals)       

Power: 60 Watts

Approx 8" in Diameter.

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