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Bermuda Filterforce Submersible Pond Filter Pumps

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Key Features

  • Submersible
  • Powerful and Reliable
  • Pump Handles solids up to 8mm
  • Designed to run 24 Hours a day
  • Economical running costs
  • Supplied with stepped hose connector


With Flowrates of up to 10000 Litres per hour, the Bermuda Filterforce filter pumps are the ideal choice for your pond.

Each pump has a powerful and reliable motor at its core and are designed to run 24 hours a day. But extra power does not mean extra running costs, the pumps are very economical and have been made to keep running costs low.

These filter pumps are able to handle solids up to 8mm, effectively giving the best start to the pond water before sending it to a relevant sized filter.

The tough and durable cage that surrounds the motor acts as a filters slits, assisting the break up of solids at the same time as drawing the water into the mechanism.

The pumps can also be used to create waterfalls or to make an impressive and large water feature display. Each pump is submersible and is supplied with a 20 -40mm hosetail.


Model  Maximum Flowrate LPH (GPH)  Maximum Head Height in M  Solid Handling in mm  Power in Watts  Dimensions in mm 
3000 3000 (660) 2.5 8 30 292x290x158
4500 4500 (990) 2.6 8 35 292x290x158
6500  6500 (1430) 3.5 8  65 292x290x158
8500 8300 (1325) 4.2 8 95 292x290x158
10000 10000 (2200) 4.5 8 125 292x290x158

Each Pump comes with stepped hosetail capable of taking hose of 20 -40mm (internal)

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