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API Aquarium PH Down 118ml

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Key Features

  • Lowers Aquarium pH
  • Adjusts levels to make more acidic for fish and plants
  • Phosphate and nitrate free so will not encourage algae growth
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Acting
  • 118ml Bottle
  • Treats 3572 Litres


API pH Down liquid treatment is a simple and easy way to adjust pH levels.

pH Down is a fast acting and fish safe treatment designed to adjust the levels of pH in aquarium water. pH is the measure of acidic or alkaline conditions of water. A neutral pH is at a value of 0.7, anything below is considered acidic. Some fish need different levels to live healthy but if testing of the aquarium water finds desired pH levels are to be too high high, it can cause damage to the fish and ecosystem in the aquarium.

pH Down is phosphate and nitrate free and will not encourage algae growth.

Tip. Some water is high in mineral ions, such as carbonate and bicarbonate, which strongly buffers aquarium water and can resist a pH change or cause “pH rebound”. In these situations, repeated dosing may be necessary to lower pH.



Treats 3572 Litres

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