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Pisces Pond Cover Nets

Sku: ALA120

Key Features

  • Strong and durable Netting
  • Provide Protection from Herons
  • Stops leaves from getting into your pond
  • Can also be used to protect garden plants and vegetables
  • 6x10 Net is Black with 24 Spikes


Helps to keep leaves, birds, and cats out of your pond.

Complete with anchor pegs. Also suitable to protect garden plants. Can be cut to size.

Various sizes available.

6x10 Net is Black in colour


2x3m - 10 Ground Pegs

3x4m - 10 Ground Pegs

4x4m - 10 Ground Pegs

4x6m - 14 Ground Pegs

5x6m - 14 Ground Pegs

6x10m - 24 Ground Pegs---Black

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