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Tetra Plant Aquarium CO2 Optimat Kit

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Key Features

  • Complete Kit
  • Enrichs water to promote healthy and strong plant growth
  • Increases oxygen levels and helps well being of fish
  • Also helps to prevent Lime deposits on leaves and glass walls


Tetra CO2 Optimat is a complete kit to ensure lush and healthy aquarium plants.

The kit consists of all that is needed to add CO2 to enrich the aquarium water. CO2 enriched water helps to promote healthy growth in plants.

When aquarium plants are lush and healthy, the oxygen in the water is increased leading to overall well being for the fish.

The CO2 Optimat kit can also help to prevent lime deposits on plant leaves and glass walls.

For aquariums up to 100 Litres


11g CO2 Can, 1 Diffusion tube and connection hose.


Follow instructions regarding connection of CO2 Optimat to diffuser in aquarium. Fill diffuser during the day, ensuring that all CO2 is gone before switching lights out. Plants do not require additional CO2 at night. In well stocked aquariums, gentle aeration with an airpump at night is recommended. Use a TetraTest Laborett kit to check CO2 level.

We recommend a concentration of 5 - 15mg/l for optimum plant growth. Replace cannister (TetraPlant CO2 Depot) as and when necessary.

Sufficient to treat 100 litres (add multiple units as necessary)

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