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Interpet Nano LED 12 Litres - Complete Aquarium Kit

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Key Features

  • 12 Litre Acrylic Tank
  • Complete Aquarium Set up
  • Internal Filter system with easy to replace filter cartridges
  • Intergrated circulation pump
  • Acrylic cover to reduce evaporation
  • High Performance LED lights to encourage plant growth
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be easily converted to a tropical tank (with addition of an optional heater)


The Interpet Nano 12 LED kit is the perfect starter set for anyone wishing to add fish to their home.

The kit comes complete with an acrylic 12 litre Nano tank that has a curved design, giving a clearer and more panoramic view of the fish and life inside. The tank has an intergrated high powered cartridge filter that sits neatly at the back and blends into the background. The filter uses a white floss cartridge system that is easy to replace and works hard to filter out the finest particles to produce crystal clear water. The cartridge also uses an activated carbon that effectively removes harmful dyes that may cause discolouration of the water.

Also hidden away in the back located filter is a preinstalled circulation pump, capable of turning over the water up to 16 times per hour. The pump works effectively to help keep the water full of healthy oxygen.

The Nano 12 Litre also includes a high performance LED light system that can be installed at the top of the tank to produce bright yet economical lighting. The powerful LEDs ensures lush plant growth without encouraging algae and helps to enhance fish colouration. The LED can be controlled via a single switch which is inbuilt and touch sensitive.

To make your new tank set up even easier, a 30ml bottle of tap safe is included. Add this to the tap water when filling the tank, to help remove cholrine and chemicals that are harmful to fish and plant life inside.

All you need to do is to decide on your internal decorations, substrate and add your choosen fish.

The Nano tank has also been designed to easily work with optional extras you may wish to include in your tank. Adding an Air pump will help the overall oxygen levels in your tank, while purchasing a Deltamini heater can help convert the tank to more tropical climates. (Air Pump and Heater Not included in Set)


Nano 12 Litre Kit Includes

-12 Litre Acrylic Tank (24.7 x 24.7 x 26cm)

-Internal 12& 19 Filter, (Flow Rate of 440LPH), 2 Month Service pack Cartridge and Biomedia

-Internal Circulation Pump

-12 Litre 0.2W Birght White LED Light Unit

-30ml Tap Safe

-Plug in Transformer


Not included (Optional extras if desired)

-Air Pump

-Heater (for keeping of more tropical varieties of fish)

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