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Hozelock Trinamic Plus 12500

Key Features

  • Trinamic + 12500 filter
  • Aquaforce 8000 pump
  • Vorton 18000 UVC
  • 1 Year Guarantee


Dirty water is pumped from the pond through the Hozelock Cyprio Vorton UVC to flocculate algae. The rotating inlet of the Vorton UVC makes it very easy to attach the hose from the pond.

The Vorton firmly attaches to a robust rigid metal plate, which connects to the top of the Trinamic vessel. The outlet of the Vorton UVC attached directly to the inlet of the Trinamic.

The Trinamic + 12,500 includes a Aquaforce 8000, Vorton 18000 and a Trinamic 12,500.

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Model: Trinamic 12500 Plus

Max volume (mixed): 18750 litres / 4500 gallons

Max volume (mainly koi): 12500 litres / 3000 gallons

Pump: Aquaforce 8000

Filter: Trinamic 12500

UVC: Vorton 18000

Dimensions: 776 x 576 x 486mm

Hose: 40mm

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