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iWish Mini Apple Aquarium (25L) - Cleair

Key Features

  • Energy Efficient LED Lights (Up to 30,000 Hours of Use)
  • 7 Stage Auto-Circulating Filter System and Water Pump
  • Unique 25 Litre Apple Shape Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Hole in Lid for Easy Feeding
  • Colour Changing & Dimmable LED Light System
  • Lightweight but Strong Acrylic Material
  • 1 Year Guarantee


The Cleair iWish Mini Apple Fish Tank is a compact and decorative Aquarium suited for any home. With its unique shape and design, this innovative and elegant Aquarium provides everything that you need to make a perfect home for your fish.

The Cleair iWish Mini Apple Acrylic Aquarium is suitable for both tropical and cold water fish which provides all the necessities for enabling fish to thrive whilst cutting down on running costs. By using a high quality multi-functional LED lighting system and a 7 stage filter, the Cleair iWish Mini Apple Aquarium makes for easy installation which allows you to create a highly efficient and crystal clear environment for your fish.

Cleaning of the tank is made hassle free with a removable cordless lighting hood which gives you full access to the aquarium for both cleaning purposes and general maintenance. Also included with the 7 stage filter is a complete mix of media including carbon, ceramic media, polishing pads and foam making this an ideal starter Aquarium for anyone interested in keeping fish.

The Cleair iWish Mini Apple Aquarium includes all you need to keep fish and also includes decorative stones, silk plants and a power supply.

1 Year Guarantee


Dimensions (approx):

Length: 22cm | Width: 40cm (At widest part) | Height: 35cm

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 25 Litre Apple Shaped Aquarium
  • Plant and Stone Decoration
  • Filter with Mix of Media (Carbon, Ceramic Media, Polishing Pads & Foam)
  • LED Light Unit
  • Power Adaptor

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