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BiOrb Halo 15L Grey with MCR Lighting, Heater & Silver Stand

Key Features

  • 15 Litre Capacity
  • Visually Seamless 360 Degree View
  • Comes with Silver Stand and 50w Heater Pack
  • MCR LED Lighting
  • Perfect All-In-One Kit
  • High Tech Biological Filtration Unit
  • Air Pump with Air Stone Included
  • Made from Strong Acrylic (10x stronger than glass)
  • Stylish and Modern Design
  • Low Voltage and Energy Efficient Components
  • Please Note: Decoration Not Included


With its hidden away waterline and modern style, the BiOrb Halo Aquarium is a visually stunning, seamless Aquarium that features everything you need to get up and running.

With easy maintenance and solid acrylic construction, the BiOrb Halo Tropical 15L Aquarium makes an attractive and simple addition to your home for the whole family to enjoy. Included with the BiOrb Halo 15L Tropical Aquarium is a high tech filtration unit, which uses biological filtration to keep your aquarium water clean and clear. General maintenance is made easy by simply replacing the filter cartridge every four weeks, along with a third of the water as well.

MCR Lighting: The Biorb Multi Colour LED remote control light system elegantly illuminates your aquarium both during the day and at night for your viewing pleasure. The curved underside design of the LED light prevents moisture build up, helping to reduce the need for cleaning. The Multi-Coloured Remote Lighting features 16 pre-set RGB colours which can be changed remotely, along with the brightness of the lights aswell. Being LED and low wattage, the LED light system is extremely efficient and can last up to 50,000 hours.

With the included heater pack, the BiOrb Halo Aquarium can be easily heated to suit tropical species of fish and contains a 50w Heater, a Thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water and a Heater Stand for easy positioning.

Not only that, but also included is an Air Pump along with an air stone which will provide aeration to your fish tank, helping to keep the water oxygenated so that your fish can thrive. The airline is discretely hidden away in one of the feet at the back of the tank so that you can enjoy a complete 360 view of your fish tank. With low running costs and ease of use, the BiOrb Halo Aquarium makes a perfect all-in-one kit for beginners or any fish enthusiasts looking to get started quickly and easily.

To finish it all off, the BiOrb Orb Aquarium Stand allows you to showcase your aquarium in style. Made out of solid wood with a water resistant surface, the BiOrb Orb Aquarium Stand will make a perfect addition to your home.

To view the instructions manual for the BiOrb 15L Halo Aquarium, Click Here


Aquarium Dimensions (HxW): 35 x 30cm

Volume: 15 Litres

Heater Pack Includes:
50 Watt Heater (18cm in length)
Heater Stand and suction cups
Glass Thermometer
Easy to read Instructions

Aquarium Stand Dimensions:
Height: 58.6cm Width: 35cm
Comes flat packed with easy to read instructions for easy home assembly.

*Please Note - Decoration is not included


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