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BiOrb Aquarium Silk Collection Plants

Key Features

  • Weighted bases
  • Will not float
  • Silk feel decoration
  • Easy to place and move
  • Suitable for tanks from 30 Litres
  • Safe for fish


BiOrb Silk Collection Decorative Plants.

Now you can brighten up your BiOrb Aquarium with these silk decorations. With their weighted bases, the different coloured plants sit safely in the base of your tank and sway gently with the flow of the surrounding water. The weight acts as a balance which will help the plant to self right itself and stops it from floating to the surface

The plants look realistic and when used with other items in the Easy Plant range, will make a beautiful underwater display.

The Silk flowers provide many advantages over using real plants in your tank. They are easy to place and move to suit your needs, they also do not alter the delicate chemistry of the aquarium water and will not produce waste or debris.

It is recommended that you wash all artificial plants before placing in the water and that smaller plants are placed at the front of the display.

Suitable for tanks 30 Litres and above


Available in 3 sizes, containing 2 plants each.


Approx Height: 18 -20cm (tallest plant)

Base: Approx 3cm diameter

Colours: Red and Green

Suitable for: Tanks over 30 Litres


Approx Height: 29cm (tallest plant)

Base: Approx 3 cm diameter

Colours: Green or Purple/Green

Suitable for: Tanks over 60 Litres


Approx Height : 38 -42cm (tallest plant)

Base: Approx 3cm diameter

Colours: Red/Green

Suitable for: Tanks over 60 Litres

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