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Bermuda Water Feature and Pebble Pool Fresh

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Key Features

  • Cleans Algae and Slime
  • Keeps your feature looking new.
  • Use one powered tub per feature.
  • Not to be used in features with fish and plants


Bermuda Water Feature and Pebble Pool Fresh, a prefect treatment to give your water features a "new" look.

Everyone would love their water features and pebble pools to look shiny and new. Algae and slime can build up and make the attractive features unsightly.

Adding the power based treatment will effectively treat and cleans any algae and slime over night. Simply add one tub per 1 large water feature or pebble pool.

The treatment must not be used in water and ponds containing plants and fish or where wildlife and pets may drink as the treatment contains bleach. For use in features that fish and plants live and wildlife and pets can access, use Bermuda Banish Feature Clear.


1 tub treats 25 litres

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