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Bermuda LDPE Pond Liners

Key Features

  • Superior Quality UV resistant material
  • Highly resistant to holes and tears
  • Triple Layer Construction
  • Natrually moulds to pond shape
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Various sizes available


Fitting your new pond is made easy with the Bermuda pre Cut Pond Liners.

Ranging from 2.5m x 2m to 6m x 5.5m, these liners are made from superior quality polyethylene material and are easy to fit into the new space created for your pond.

The liners are highly resistant to puncturing and tearing. Each liner naturally moulds into the shape of your pond, making it a nice fit.

The Bermuda pond liners come with a 15 Year guarantee when fitted correctly. We recommend laying underlay prior to placing your new liner.

To determine the size of liner you need for the pond you will need to add twice the maximum depth of the pond (in metres) to both the length and width and then add a 1 metre overlap.

Liner Length = Pond Length + 2x Pond Depth + 1 metre Overlap

Liner Width = Pond Width + 2x Pond Depth + 1 Metre overlap

Liner Size Calculator



2.5m x 2m

3m x 1m

3m x 2.5m

4m x 5m

4m x 5.5m

6m x 5.5m

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